What's so special about our abayas?

Every Zadaru abaya, jilbab, hijab or scarf is designed with the Islamic ethos in mind and we take meticulous care to ensure that it meets the guidelines laid down by Islam.

Our abayas embrace a modest dressing style through which you can dress with comfort and ease of mind. 

We are proud to say that all our designers, consultants and testers are practicing Muslims. In fact, our lead designer is a Muslimah (niqabi ninja :) who has completed a degree in Islamic Studies.

Put very simply, Zadaru abayas aim to promote the Islamic concept of modesty first, fashion second.

modesty first, fashion second - zadaru abaya

We believe that the elegance and dignity of Islamic modesty can be achieved through style and fashion as long as our priorities are right. In the words of our mentor Dr. Bilal Philips, "A believer is not a slave to fashion."

At the same time, we have not compromised on quality. The materials of our abayas have been carefully tested and hand picked to ensure that they meet our customers' needs and withstand regular everyday use.